E04000 - SEMI E40 - Specification for Processing Management

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

The scope of this Standard is automated material processing based on discrete processing jobs. It provides the functionality required for process management for modules within a cluster tool. It may be applied to subsystems of other multi-resource equipment, as well as to host control of many types of equipment.


This Standard supports individual management of jobs for identical processing of material within a group and concurrent processing of independent groups. Where material contains other material (such as carriers containing wafers), processing may be specified in terms of either material type.


A simple tuning mechanism is provided for limited feedforward and feedback control between process steps. A method is defined for taking advantage of recipe variable parameters. This is not expected to satisfy all closed loop control requirements. Other mechanisms are anticipated with greater flexibility for late tuning and handling complex data.


This Standard does not provide services for receiving material for processing, or disposing of it after processing is complete. Automation of material transfer is assumed to be provided through other services, such as those defined in applicable SEMI Standards.


This Standard presents a solution from the concepts and behavior down to the messaging services. It does not define the messaging protocol.


Subordinate Standards (included)

SEMI E40.1-1218 — Specification for SECS-II Protocol for Processing Management


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)

SEMI E5 — Specification for SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II)

SEMI E30 — Specification for the Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)

SEMI E39 — Specification for Object Services: Concepts, Behavior, and Services

SEMI E39.1 — Specification for SECS-II Protocol for Object Services (OSS)


Revision History

SEMI E40-1218 (title change)

SEMI E40-0813 (designation update)

SEMI E40-0312 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-1111 (designation update)

SEMI E40-0709 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0309 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-1107 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0307 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-1106 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0705E (editorial revision)

SEMI E40-0705 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0304 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0703 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-1102 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-1101 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0701 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0301 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-1000 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0200 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-0999 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-96 (technical revision)

SEMI E40-95 (first published)


SEMI E40.1-1218 (title change)

SEMI E40.1-0813 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-0312 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-1106 (Reapproved 1111)

SEMI E40.1-1106 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-0705 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-0304 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-0304 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-1101 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-0701 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-1000 (technical revision)

SEMI E40.1-0996 (first published)

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