F06100 - SEMI F61 - Guide to Design and Operation of a Semiconductor Ultrapure Water System

Volume(s): Facilities
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Guide should be used in conjunction with SEMI F63 and SEMI F75. Together these Guides provide recommendations for facility engineers and other manufacturing professionals who are responsible for establishing programs to monitor and control the quality of their ultrapure water (UPW) systems through to point-of-use (POU).


This Guide describes the engineering and component requirements for a UPW system used in semiconductor manufacturing. It is intended to establish a common basis for developing detailed specifications for design, operations, certification, and monitoring of UPW and hot ultrapure water (HUPW) systems.

This Guide applies to advanced UPW systems used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities for supplying high purity water for wafer processing, chemical dilutions, and other facility applications. This Guide provides definitions used for identification of UPW system components and other commonly used terms associated with the semiconductor facility water systems.


This Guide provides reference to other relevant SEMI Standards that ensure quality and reliability of UPW systems. This Guide logically follows the series of SEMI Standards developed for UPW; which includes SEMI F63, a Standard defining the quality of UPW, and SEMI F75, a Standard for monitoring UPW.


This Guide provides recommendations for design and operation of the UPW system including treatment plant, distribution system, and the semiconductor manufacturing tool hook up.


This Guide addresses the testing and prequalification of high purity polymer materials used in UPW system equipment and distribution.


This Guide provides minimum definitions for site utilities needed to support the UPW system.


This Standard provides guidance for construction, qualification, and commissioning of new or recently upgraded UPW systems.


This Standard provides guidance on maintenance, operations, safety, and redundancy of the UPW systems. This Guide provides further quality information on critical components such as ion exchange resin and filter media.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)

SEMI F19 — Specification for the Surface Condition of the Wetted Surfaces of Stainless Steel Components

SEMI F57 — Specification for Polymer Materials and Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems

SEMI F63 — Guide for Ultrapure Water System Used in Semiconductor Processing

SEMI F75 — Guide for Quality Monitoring of Ultrapure Water Used in Semiconductor Manufacturing


Revision History

SEMI F61-0521 (technical revision)

SEMI F61-0617 (complete rewrite)

SEMI F61-0301 (Reapproved 0309)

SEMI F61-0301 (first published)

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