S00200 - SEMI S2 - Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Safety Guideline provides industry accepted guidelines for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. By using SEMI S2, users and suppliers can procure and design equipment to minimize hazards related to equipment, facilities, worker environment, and personnel that could result in significant injury or death. Third party evaluators also use this Safety Guideline to evaluate and determine whether a piece of equipment conforms to safety protocols listed in SEMI S2.

This Safety Guideline is intended as a set of performance-based environmental, health, and safety (EHS) considerations for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


Applicability — This Safety Guideline applies to equipment used to manufacture, measure, assemble, and test semiconductor products.


Precedence of Sectional Requirements — In the case of conflict between provisions in different sections of this Safety Guideline, the section or subsection specifically addressing the technical issue takes precedence over the more general section or subsection.


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Revision History

SEMI S2-0821 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0818Eb (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0818Ea (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0818E (editorial revision)

SEMI S2-0818 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-1016b (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-1016a (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-1016 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0715a (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0715 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0712d (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0712c (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0712b (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0712a (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0712 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0310e (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0310d (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0310c (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0310b (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0310a (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0310 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0709 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0706e (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0706d (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0706c (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0706b (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0706a (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0706E (editorial revision)

SEMI S2-0706 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0703aE (editorial revision)

SEMI S2-0703a (delayed revision)

SEMI S2-0703 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0303 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-1102 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0302 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-0200E (editorial revision)

SEMI S2-0200 (complete rewrite)

SEMI S2-93A (technical revision)

SEMI S2-93 (technical revision)

SEMI S2-91 (first published)

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