S03000 - SEMI S30 - Safety Guideline for Use of Energetic Materials in Semiconductor R&D and Manufacturing Processes

Volume(s): Safety Guidelines
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

E This Standard was editorially modified in April 2021 to add Note 76 and Note 77.

NOTICE: Conformance to the ‘should’ provisions of this Safety Guideline is necessary to declare conformance to this Document. Conformance to ‘may’, ‘suggested’, ‘preferred’, ‘recommended’, ‘NOTE’, or ‘Related Information’ provisions is not necessary to declare conformance.

This Safety Guideline is intended as a minimum set of safety criteria for the procurement, storage, handling, and use of energetic materials in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing processes in all phases of use, from process chemical supply through abatement.

This Safety Guideline is intended to be industry best practices as of its publication date.

The scope of this Document is energetic materials, as defined in ¶ 5.2.18 and the equipment which contains them.

This Safety Guideline specifies the testing and criteria for determining whether a material is an ‘energetic material’ in the context of this Safety Guideline.

This Safety Guideline also describes the minimum characterization data to be provided in research and development, pilot-line, or high-volume semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

This Safety Guideline provides safety design criteria for process chemical supply, process, and post-process equipment for semiconductor processes using energetic materials.

This Safety Guideline provides industry-specific criteria, and refers to some of the many international codes, regulations, standards, and specifications that should be considered when designing semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Revision History

SEMI S30-0719E (editorial revision)

SEMI S30-0719 (first published)

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