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SEMI provides experienced professionals and newcomers to the global semiconductor industry with best-in-class technical and business training. The SEMI University curriculum includes more than 360 on-demand courses with topics covering front-end and back-end manufacturing operations, principles of chip design, workplace safety, technology trends and more. Along with extensive content from our events and webinars, SEMI has partnered with established content providers such as Semitracks and UL Solutions to rapidly deliver semiconductor training, knowledge and information to advance your career and business as well as the industry.

METIS Courses

Free courses available from the METIS Program.

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Access to Medical and Exposure Records for Employees (US)
Access to Medical and Exposure Records for Managers (US)
Accident and Breakdown Procedures (US)
Ammonia Awareness
Ammonia Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Applying Electrical Standards (US)
Arsenic Awareness (US)
Arsenic Awareness (US) Sale price$35.95 USD
Basic Rigging Awareness
Basic Rigging Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Bench Grinder Safety
Bench Grinder Safety Sale price$35.95 USD
Bench Grinder Safety (Chinese) 台式砂轮机安全
Bench Grinder Safety (Japanese) 卓上グラインダーの安全性
Benzene Safety (US)
Benzene Safety (US) Sale price$35.95 USD
Biosafety Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal (US)
Blasting Area Awareness
Blasting Area Awareness Sale price$35.95 USD
Blocking and Cribbing
Blocking and Cribbing Sale price$35.95 USD
Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) (Chinese) 血源性病原体 (BBP)

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