Optoelectronics and Silicon Photonics Online Course

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Course Description 

Advanced CMOS/FINFET Fabrication is an online course that offers detailed instruction on the processing used in a modern integrated circuit and the processing technologies required to make them. We emphasize the current issues related to manufacturing the next-generation devices. Participants will learn why FINFETs and FD-SOI are fast becoming the technologies of choice at feature sizes below 20nm. Our instructors work hard to explain semiconductor processing without delving heavily into the complex physics and material science that generally accompanies this discipline. Participants will learn powerful aspects about CMOS fabrication and FinFET Technology. This skill-building series is dividend into four segments; Front End of Line (FEOL), Back End of LINE (BEOL), FinFET Manufacturing and FinFET Reliability

 Course Objectives 

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of SOI technology and it's technical issues
  • Provide an understanding of how Hi-K/Metal Gate and FinFET  devices are manufactured
  • Look at latest challenges with copper metallization and Low-k dielectrics
  • Help participants to understand difficulties associated with non-planar structures and methods
  • Enable participants to make decision about how to evaluate FinFET devices and changes that are emerging
  • Learn about IC reliability and failure modes associated with these devices
  • Show a comparison between FD-SOI and FINFETs.

 Course Duration

16 hours

Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, and technicians or any individual working directly working in the semiconductor industry, using it's components or supplying tools to the industry. 

 Requisite Knowledge