Printed Circuit Board Design Online Course

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Course Description 

This course offers detailed instructions on the design of printed circuit boards for semiconductor use. Emphasis is placed on the overall process. We will focus on the fundamentals of PCB design and modeling. Participants will learn how to design and specify components for a project.  Participants will learn aspects of PCB Design.  This skill-building series is divided into four segments: PCB Schematic Capture, PCB Place and Route, Bill of Materials, and Component Libraries. 

Course Objectives 

  • Presents an overview of the schematic capture and board layout process.
  • Provide an understanding of the basic concepts behind a Bill of Material for a PCB. 
  • Identify key issues related to the proper documentation and use of library components.
  • Present a variety of video clips showing the major steps involved in the design and layout process. 
  • Learn how to identify potential problems associated with design flow.
  • Understand how design rules work in conjunction with a board layout. 
  • Generate the PCB documentation need to manufacture a PCB.
  • Learn best practices for PCB design. 

24 hours

 Target Audience 

Managers, engineers, and technicians working in the semiconductor field 

 Requisite Knowledge: