SEMI T25 - Specification for ID Marking for Glass Carrier Characteristics of Panel Level Packaging (PLP) Applications -

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Semiconductor devices are widely used in many end products such as networking equipment, medical devices, automobiles, aircraft, and military equipment. Semiconductor devices are the most important components in end products. Semiconductor devices shall be manufactured correctly. Semiconductor devices shall be distributed correctly, shall be mounted, and function properly in the end products in which they are used. The manufacture and distribution of counterfeit devices is a major problem. To solve this problem, supply chain traceability shall be realized. It is impossible for a single device manufacturer to achieve supply chain traceability for semiconductor devices. Similarly, it cannot be achieved by a single end-product manufacturer. It requires the cooperation of device manufacturers, material suppliers, distributors, intermediate product manufacturers, and end-product manufacturers.

Semiconductor devices are required to achieve supply chain traceability. In order to achieve supply chain traceability, multiple standards are required in addition to SEMI T23.

The target of supply chain traceability of semiconductor devices is from the manufacture of semiconductor devices to the manufacture of final products using semiconductor devices and the users of final products. In order to achieve supply chain traceability, it is necessary to manage information related to semiconductor devices in the manufacturing and distribution processes. Furthermore, it is necessary to use such information without falsification. Blockchain is an effective technology for achieving such supply chain traceability. This Standard covers the post-production supply chain at the semiconductor device factory.


This Standard defines the technical information to manage the information needed to achieve supply chain traceability for semiconductor devices using blockchain. Target companies related to that supply chain.


This Standard covers blockchains used for the purpose of achieving supply chain traceability for semiconductors.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)
SEMI T23 — Specification for Single Device Traceability for the Supply Chain


Revision History
SEMI T25-0424 (first published)

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