E04900 - SEMI E49 - Guide for High Purity and Ultrahigh Purity Piping Performance, Subassemblies, and Final Assemblies

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

The purpose of this overview Document is to provide a basic set of terminology and reference documents for SEMI E49.2, SEMI E49.4, SEMI E49.5, SEMI E49.6, SEMI E49.7, SEMI E49.8, and SEMI E137.

This Document contains terminology and reference documents used in SEMI E49.2, SEMI E49.4, SEMI E49.5, SEMI E49.6, SEMI E49.7, SEMI E49.8 and SEMI E137, which will reference performance and method standards as well as recommended practices.


The SEMI E49 Subordinate Documents are organized by types of piping distribution systems: gas, DI/chemical, solvent, and by types of assembly and testing procedures: subassembly for stainless steel, subassembly for polymer and final tool assembly. Final assemblies should be tested or validated for all appropriate parameters (e.g., purity, integrity, failure rate) as specified in the applicable SEMI E49 Subordinate Documents.


The piping distribution Documents (SEMI E49.2 through SEMI E49.8) include guidelines for system design, performance, materials, and components. Purity and performance grades are described for each of the three types of distribution systems.


Users should complete an overall tool cost of ownership analysis (see SEMI E35) to determine the optimum application of HP or UHP tool features. Key parameters should include facilities cost and installation cycle time, piping system reliability and maintainability factors, tool and subsystem contribution to contamination, and resultant effects on wafer quality and wafer throughput factors.


Final assemblies should be evaluated according to the criteria of SEMI S2 for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) issues associated with their use.


Subordinate Standards (included)

SEMI E49.2 — Guide for the Qualification of Polymer Assemblies Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Systems in Semiconductor Process Equipment

SEMI E49.4 — Guide for Ultrahigh Purity Solvent Distribution Systems with Metallic Fluid Paths in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

SEMI E49.5 — Guide for the Design of Ultrahigh Purity Solvent Distribution Systems with Non-Metallic Fluid Paths in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

SEMI E49.6 — Guide for Subsystem Assembly and Testing Procedures – Stainless Steel Systems

SEMI E49.7 — Guide for the Design and Manufacture of Polymer Assemblies Used for Liquid Chemical Systems in Semiconductor Equipment

SEMI E49.8 — Guide for High Purity and Ultrahigh Purity Gas Distribution Systems in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)

SEMI E35 — Guide to Calculate Cost of Ownership (COO) Metrics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

SEMI E137 — Guide for Final Assembly, Packaging, Transportation, Unpacking, and Relocation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

SEMI S2 — Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Revision History

SEMI E49-0617 (designation update)

SEMI E49-1104 (Reapproved 1211)

SEMI E49-1104 (technical revision)

SEMI E49-0304 (designation update)

SEMI E49-1103 (designation update)

SEMI E49-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E49-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.1-1104 (replaced by SEMI E137)

SEMI E49.1-0304 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.1-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.2-0617 (complete rewrite)

SEMI E49.2-1104 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.2-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.2-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.3-0298 (Withdrawn 1104) (replaced by SEMI E49.2)

SEMI E49.3-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.3-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.4-0419 (complete rewrite)

SEMI E49.4-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.4-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.5-0419 (complete rewrite)

SEMI E49.5-1104 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.5-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.5-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.6-1103 (Reapproved 1211)

SEMI E49.6-1103 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.6-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.7-0419 (complete rewrite)

SEMI E49.7-0304E (editorial revision)

SEMI E49.7-0304 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.7-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.7-95 (first published)


SEMI E49.8-1103 (Reapproved 1211)

SEMI E49.8-1103 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.8-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.8-96 (first published)


SEMI E49.9-0298 (Withdrawn 0303)

SEMI E49.9-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E49.9-96 (first published)

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