SEMI E183 - Specification for Rich Interactive Test Database (RITdb) -

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Revision: SEMI E183-0123 - Current




This Specification describes a data and event sharing and streaming methodology for semiconductor test and related operations.

The scheme fully supports legacy equipment and allows equipment vendors the flexibility to provide additional data items via extensions. Real time, historical, and widely distributed data are fully supported. Provenance of all data is supported via customizable metadata along with cryptographic hashing and signing. Bidirectional data and messages are supported to enable smart manufacturing.

This Specification describes data and event communication to/from/within a semiconductor test cell/floor.

This Specification describes RITdb, a data container which can hold a wide range of legacy data, modern extensions and user defined extensions based on relational database technology. This Standard supports provenance via customizable metadata and machine validation.

This Specification describes a real time publish subscribe event messaging system optimized for semiconductor manufacturing and based on a Machine-to-Machine Internet of Things (M2M-IoT) protocol which is an easily extensible and efficient machine connectivity.

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Revision History
SEMI E183-0123 (technical revision)
SEMI E183-1121 (first published)

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