3D00200 - SEMI 3D2 - Specification for Glass Carrier Wafers for 3DS-IC Applications

Volume(s): 3D-IC
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Specification is intended to address the needs of the 3D Stacked IC (3DS-IC) industry by providing the tools needed to procure glass carrier wafers to be used in a 3DS-IC process.

This Specification describes dimensional, thermal, and wafer preparation characteristics for glass starting material that will be used as carrier wafers in a temporary bonded state.

This Specification describes glass carrier wafers with nominal diameters of 200 and 300 mm, and a thickness of 700 µm, although the wafer diameter and thickness required may vary due to process and functional variation. Such variations shall be clarified in the purchasing order or in the contract.

Methods of measurements suitable for determining the characteristics in the specifications are indicated.

Referenced SEMI Standards

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SEMI E119 - Mechanical Specification for Reduced-Pitch Front-Opening Box for Interfactory Transport of 300 mm Wafers
SEMI G90 - Specification for 300 mm Coin-Stack Type Shipping Container Used for Test and Packaging Processes
SEMI M12 - Specification for Serial Alphanumeric Marking of the Front Surface of Wafers
SEMI M31 - Mechanical Specification for Front-Opening Shipping Box Used to Transport and Ship 300 mm Wafers
SEMI M35 - Guide for Developing Specifications for Silicon Wafer Surface Features Detected by Automated Inspection
SEMI M40 - Guide for Measurement of Roughness of Planar Surfaces on Polished Wafers
SEMI M45 - Specification for 300 mm Wafer Shipping System
SEMI M59 - Terminology for Silicon Technology
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SEMI MF657 - Test Method for Measuring Warp and Total Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Noncontact Scanning (Withdrawn 0914)
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SEMI MF1530 - Test Method for Measuring Flatness, Thickness, and Total Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact Scanning
SEMI MF1617 - Test Method for Measuring Surface Sodium, Aluminum, Potassium, and Iron on Silicon and EPI Substrates by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SEMI MF2074 - Guide for Measuring Diameter of Silicon and Other Semiconductor Wafers
SEMI T7 - Specification for Back Surface Marking of Double-Side Polished Wafers with a Two-Dimensional Matrix Code Symbol

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