SEMI 3D8 - Guide for Describing Silicon Wafers for Use as 300 mm Carrier Wafers in a 3DS-IC Temporary Bond-Debond (TBDB) Process

Volume(s): 3D-IC
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Guide is intended to address the needs of the 3D Stacked IC (3DS-IC) industry by providing the tools needed to procure virgin silicon carrier wafers to be used in a 3DS-IC process.

This Guide provides the tools to acquire silicon wafers to be used as carrier wafers in a temporary bond/debond (TBDB) application.

This Guide describes silicon wafers with nominal diameter of 300 mm although, for 3DS-IC applications, the actual wafer diameter may differ slightly due to process requirements.

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI M1 — Specifications for Polished Single Crystal Silicon Wafers
SEMI M45 — Specification for 300 mm Wafer Shipping System
SEMI M59 — Terminology for Silicon Technology
SEMI MF81 — Test Method for Measuring Radial Resistivity Variation on Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF951 — Test Method for Determination of Radial Interstitial Oxygen Variation in Silicon Wafers
SEMI MF1391 — Test Method for Substitutional Atomic Carbon Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption
SEMI MF1530 — Test Method for Measuring Flatness, Thickness, and Total Thickness Variation on Silicon Wafers by Automated Noncontact Scanning

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