AI & Data Bundle

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Course Description 

This bundle consists of two SEMI courses.  The SEMI Flexible Power Sources course and the SEMI Hybrid Integration Techniques for Flexible Electronics course.  As new materials and processes emerge to enable the integration of high-performance micro-electronics into paper-thin, flexible hybrid electronics (FHT), there is an increasing demand for new power sources that also support the goals of ultra-thin and flexible.  Among the key challenges is achieving high energy densities as the battery thickness decreases to a point where the packaging becomes an increasing fraction of the total volume. The challenge is further complicated by the demanding duty cycles for many FHE systems requiring high power (periodic, large current burst) and high energy.  The Flexible Power Sources course will review challenges and emerging power supplies.  The second course in this bundle describes techniques practiced at PARC for the fabrication of flexible hybrid electronics.  Topics include printing interconnects, logic circuits and resistors, bonding integrated circuits, and integrating sensors of different types.  The techniques are illustrated with various examples of wireless sensor prototypes on flexible substrates and the development of electronics or textiles. 

Course Objectives  

  • Review challenges and programs for new power supplies that are emerging to meet the needs of the FHE community.
  • Provides an overview on printing interconnects, fine lines, pads, and pad pitches with <100 um, logic circuits and resistors, bonding integrated circuits, integrating sensors of different types on flexible substrates, and picking and placing micron-level accuracy.

Course Duration

1.5 hours

Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians or any individual working directly with this equipment or product  

Requisite Knowledge