Basic First Aid Bundle

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Course Description 

This Basic First Aid bundle consists of six courses: First Aid - Basics, Medical Emergencies, Basic Life Support, Bleeding and Wound Care, Burns and Electrical Shock, and Serious Injuries.

 First aid given at the scene can improve a victim's chances of survival and recovery.  These courses present ways to respond to basic first aid situations until the emergency medical services personnel arrive. These courses will teach the learner how to administer first aid care for various emergencies ranging from sudden illness to poisoning or heat and cold-related illnesses. Basic life support will refresh your memory on recognizing cardiac incidents, performing CPR, and treating choking victims. Learners will also learn how to control bleeding, clean and dress minor wounds, and recall special care needed for impaled objects, amputations, and head, eye, ear, nose and mouth injuries. One of the other courses in this bundle will teach the learner to recognize first, second, and third-degree burns from fire and how to treat heat, chemical and electrical burns, and electrical shock. Finally, the last course in this bundle will help the learner recognize and help to treat potential brain, spine, and pelvic injuries before emergency personnel arrives. 

Course Objectives 

  • Access scenes and victims before providing first aid.
  • Provide valuable information to emergency medical services.
  • Recall guidelines about when and how to move victims.
  • Recall basic first aid techniques for treating breath emergencies, cardiac incidents, choking, severe bleeding, shock, fractures, sprains, strains, and burns.
  • Know five actions you can take to improve a cardiac victim's chance of survival. 
  • Recall how and when to give CPR to an adult. 
  • Know how to provide choking care for adults. 
  • Know why and how to put an unresponsive victim into a recovery position. 
  • Learn how to control bleeding and dress minor wounds.
  • Recall first aid to administer for various types of burns and electrical shock. 
  • Recognize potential brain, spine, and pelvic injuries and know how to treat them before EMS arrives.

Course Duration

2.18 hours

Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, and technicians, or any individual working directly with this equipment or product

Requisite Knowledge