SEMI C30 - Specification and Guide for Hydrogen Peroxide -

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Revision: SEMI C30-1223 - Current




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The first purpose of this Specification and Guide is to standardize requirements for Grades of hydrogen peroxide used in the semiconductor industry and to document testing procedures that may be used to support those requirements. Alternative methods may also be used as long as they comply with SEMI C1 requirements for method validation.


The second purpose of this Specification and Guide is to provide a guide for a higher purity Tier of hydrogen peroxide for which a need has been identified.

The scope of this Specification and Guide is five Grades and one Tier of hydrogen peroxide used in the semiconductor industry.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)
SEMI C1 — Guide for the Analysis of Liquid Chemicals


Revision History
SEMI C30-1223 (technical revision)
SEMI C30-0218 (technical revision)
SEMI C30-1110 (technical revision)
SEMI C30-1101 (technical revision)
SEMI C30-0301 (technical revision)
SEMI C30-0600 (technical revision)
SEMI C30-0699 (first published - replaces SEMI C1.9, SEMI C7.5, SEMI C8.5, SEMI C11.4, and SEMI C12.4)

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