C06900 - SEMI C69 - Test Method for the Determination of Surface Areas of Polymer Pellets

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This Document provides a test method for the determination of the surface area of polymer pellets.


The determination of relatively accurate surface areas in polymer pellets is important in applications reaching across various microelectronics industries. For example, polymer pellets are used in the blow molding, rotomolding, injection molding, or extrusion of high purity components used in chemical distribution systems or lining sheets. Knowing the surface area is important when calculating surface contamination values and relating them to the finished component.

This Document outlines a test method using enhanced Euclidean techniques, where polymer pellets are treated as geometric shapes and measured to determine the dimensions.


Formulae are provided in Table A1-2 for calculating the surface area of a pellet, using the measured dimensions.


Values obtained using this method (m2 surface area per kilogram weight) can be used with documents such as SEMI F57 to determine contamination per unit of surface area.

Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately) 

SEMI F40 — Practice for Preparing Liquid Chemical Distribution Components for Chemical Testing

SEMI F48 — Test Method for Determining Trace Metals in Polymer Materials

SEMI F57 — Specification for Polymer Materials and Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems


Revision History

SEMI C69-1015 (Reapproved 1220)

SEMI C69-1015 (technical revision)

SEMI C69-0611 (first published)

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