C08900 - SEMI C89 - Test Method for Particle Removal Performance of Liquid Filter Rated Below 30 nm with Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS)

Volume(s): Process Chemicals
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)


This Document is to provide a standard of mono-dispersed gold nanoparticle (GNP) challenge test for liquid filter rated below 30 nm using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS).


This Document covers a mono-dispersed GNP challenge test method for below 30 nm rated liquid filter.


This Document defines a test condition for mono-dispersed GNP challenge test.


The following areas are to be addressed in this Document:

  • The test condition such as fluid, flow rate, pressure, GNP concentration, ligand concentration, membrane treatment etc.

  • The type of filter evaluated.

  • The type of GNP.

  • The method of membrane treatment prior to the test for decreasing the adsorbing effect.

  • The description of the test result.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI C79 — Guide to Evaluate the Efficacy of Sub-15 nm Filters Used in Ultrapure Water (UPW) Distributions Systems
SEMI C82 — Test Method for Particle Removal Performance of Liquid Filter Rated 20 to 50 nm with Liquid-Borne Particle Counter
SEMI F110 — Test Method for Mono-Dispersed Polystyrene Latex (PSL) Challenge of Liquid Filters

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