SEMI C93 - Guide for Determining the Quality of Ion Exchange Resin Used in Polish Applications of Ultrapure Water System

Volume(s): Process Chemicals
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Document describes a Guide for analysis of virgin high-purity ion exchange (HPIX) resin suitable for use in ultrapure water (UPW) polish applications. Further information regarding UPW systems can be found in SEMI F61.


The Guide focuses on analysis of HPIX resin used in UPW. This Document recommends parameters and test conditions that will minimize the effect of contamination from the resin on the manufacturing process.


The purpose of the Guide is to avoid prolonged rinse-up of the new HPIX when it is loaded into ion exchange (polish) tanks. The Guide results should be representative of full-scale applications.


This Document includes recommendations for virgin HPIX resin sample handling and test conditions.


The Document provides an example of the performance of state-of-the-art resins; the data was obtained following this Guide. However the quality criteria are expected to be determined by the end user based on the user-specific needs.


It is the intent of this Guide to focus on virgin HPIX resin. The quality parameters assessed, as recommended by this Guide, include quantitative measures of particle contribution, metallic contribution, organics contribution, residue after evaporation (RAE) (nonvolatile residue [NVR]), and broken beads content.


The Guide takes the wetted-stream performance of virgin HPIX resin into consideration and reflects the current manufacturing processes of the resin manufacturers.


Leach-out procedures referenced within this Document provide values for both static and dynamic conditions. Although the static leach-out testing is sufficient to determine resin quality, the end user should decide whether to use a dynamic leach-out testing; dynamic testing provides conditions closer to mimicking the actual mixed-bed operation. Choosing either a dynamic leach test or a static leach test is determined by the end user needs. Dynamic leach tests should be used to estimate the rinse-up flush volume. Static leach tests should be used for quality assurance when baseline virgin resin quality has already been established (otherwise use the dynamic leach test to estimate the rinse-up time).


Only mixed virgin HPIX resin is used for the testing within this Document. When the resin is supplied in nonmixed form (i.e., anionic and cationic), a mixed sample is used for analysis.


The Guide assumes that the virgin HPIX resin tested is representative of the virgin HPIX resin to be loaded in the mixed-beds tanks. The resin shelf life, storage, and delivery conditions should be taken into account when planning the testing.


This Guide applies to virgin HPIX resin as well as point of use (POU) HPIX modules intended for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and their ancillary equipment.


This Guide includes recommended analytical testing that the end user can perform; the end user should determine which analyses are required and whether to conduct optional testing.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E49 — Guide for High Purity and Ultrahigh Purity Piping Performance, Subassemblies, and Final Assemblies
SEMI F40 — Practice For Preparing Liquid Chemical Distribution Components for Chemical Testing
SEMI F57 — Specification for Polymer Materials and Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems
SEMI F61 — Guide for Ultrapure Water Systems used in Semiconductor Processing
SEMI F63 — Guide for Ultrapure Water Used in Semiconductor Processing
SEMI F104 — Particle Test Method Guide for Evaluation of Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems
SEMI S2 — Environment, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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