C09900 - SEMI C99 - Test Method for Determining Conductivity of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Slurries and Related Chemicals

Volume(s): Process Chemicals
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Test Method provides a standardized test method for measuring and reporting the conductivity of slurries and post-chemical mechanical polish (CMP) chemicals. This Test Method defines the number of significant digits to which conductivity will be reported, given the limitations of current metrology and methodology capabilities, and define a standardized temperature for the measurement. This Test Method also supplies a method of calibrating conductivity probes and temperature analytics relative to standards.

This Test Method applies to slurries and post-CMP application chemicals determined by the manufacturer and/or integrated device manufacturer (IDM) to be relevant as a measure of material quality.


This Test Method describes the conditions and procedures for measuring the conductivity of single or multi-component slurries and post-CMP chemicals with offline (benchtop) metrology instrumentation.


This Test Method provides a common basis for communication between slurry manufacturers and users.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)



Revision History

SEMI C99-1121 (technical revision)

SEMI C99-0320 (first published)

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