D01700 - SEMI D17 - Mechanical Specification for Cassettes Used to Ship Flat Panel Display Glass Substrates

Volume(s): Flat Panel Display
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This specification was technically approved by the Global Flat Panel Display – Equipment Committee and is the direct responsibility of the North American Flat Panel Display Committee. Current edition approved by the North American Regional Standards Committee on December 15, 1999. Initially available in January 2000; to be published February 2000. Originally published September 1998.


This standard was editorially modified in January 2003 to reflect the withdrawal of SEMI E44. Changes were made to Section 4.1.


This standard specifies selected requirements of the cassettes used to ship flat panel substrates from the substrate finisher to the display maker and between process-added users.


This document incorporates pertinent dimensional data from SEMI D18, Specification for Cassettes Used for Horizontal Transport and Storage of Flat Panel Display Substrates.


This standard is intended to set levels of specification for a reusable cassette to ship clean glass substrates and process-added substrates between organizations without compromising substrate integrity. This standard is intended to set an appropriate level of specification that places minimal limits on innovation while ensuring modularity and interchangeability at common mechanical interfaces.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI D18 — Specification for Cassettes Used for Horizontal Transport and Storage of Flat Panel Display Substrates
SEMI E15 — Specification for Tool Load Port

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