D02200 - SEMI D22 - 平面顯示螢幕(FPD)彩色濾光片總成顏色透光度計算之測試法

Volume(s): Flat Panel Display
Language: Chinese (Traditional
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

目的 1.1 本標準旨在建立平面顯示螢幕(FPD)彩色濾光片特定性質測量之實作方式。這些方法可適用於製造品質管制與研發作業。 範圍 2.1 本方法乃供FPD彩色濾光片供應廠商與使用者之用以評估產品以及開發中項目之品質。 2.2 一般而言本方法應用於FPD彩色濾光片彩色特性與透光度之測量。


This test method was technically approved by the global Flat Panel Display Committee and is the direct responsibility of the Japanese Flat Panel Display Committee. Current edition approved by the Japanese Regional Standards Committee on August 8, 2003. Initially available at www.semi.org October 2003; to be published November 2003. Originally published September 1999.


NOTICE: This document was completely rewritten in 2003.


This standard establishes practices for measuring selected characteristics of FPD color filters. These methods are applicable to manufacturing, quality control, and development operations. This method is to be used by FPD color filter suppliers and users to evaluate quality of products as well as items under development. This method shall be used in general to measure the color characteristics and transmittance of FPD color filter.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI D13 — Terms and Definitions for FPD Color Filter Assemblies

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