D05400 - SEMI D54 - Specification for Substrate Management of FPD Production (SMS-FPD)

Volume(s): Flat Panel Display
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This standard was technically approved by the global Flat Panel Display – Factory Automation Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits & Reviews Subcommittee on May 13, 2009. It was available at www.semi.org in June 2009.


E This standard was editorially modified in October 2009 to correct editorial errors. Changes were made to ¶¶,,, and


At the production line of FPD, an automation evolution is underway; however, the reality is that each fab controls its equipment with its own specification. Because of this, a huge loss has been created in terms of the automation cost and lead time of equipment. Also, due to the migration to large substrate sizes in FPD production, the necessity to meet new demands such as single substrate transfer has been increasing. This document describes standard behaviors for automated transfer of substrates among automated material handling systems (AMHS) and equipment at FPD fabs.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI D51 — Specification for Handshake Protocol of Single Substrate for Handling off/on Tool in FPD Production

SEMI E30 — Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)

SEMI E39 — Object Services Standard: Concepts, Behavior, and Services

SEMI E40 — Standard for Processing Management

SEMI E41 — Exception Management (EM) Standard

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SEMI E90 — Specification for Substrate Tracking

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