SEMI D65 - Test Method for Measurement for the Color Breakup of Field Sequential Color Display

Volume(s): Flat Panel Display
Language: English
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Field sequential color technique in the flat panel display has become more and more important. The effect of color breakup (CBU) occurs in the panels in which the field sequential technique is used. There are still no adaptive measurement standards to quantify the quality of color breakup. To standardize the classification of color breakup for flat panel displays is necessary.

This Standard is to design and implement the measurement method of color breakup. This Standard is applicable to the color breakup phenomenon on the field sequential color display. The testing method proposed in this standard includes dynamic CBU and static CBU. The correct testing method setting shall be used to measure the dynamic or static CBU.

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI D58 — Terminology and Test Pattern for the Color Breakup of Field Sequential Color Display

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