D07900 - SEMI D79 - Test Method for Local and Overall Flicker of Flexible Displays

Volume(s): Flat Panel Display
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Standard specifies flicker measurement conditions and methods for describing the visual perception in flicker for flexible display.


The flexible display shows green pattern of full screen. The measured conditions include the flat and the curved surface, and the curvature of the curved surface is defined explicitly.


Flicker has been widely used for evaluating display. Follow the calculated procedures in VESA standard, the experimental results are transformed to frequency-domain diagram by fast Fourier transformation (FFT), and further transformed to flicker value. However, the conventional method is applied to a flat display and its local area only. To flexible displays, the potential flicker phenomenon may present when the user operates the display in a flexible mode or a flat mode. Therefore, this Document also addresses the test method for overall flicker of the flexible display.


Flicker is divided into local flicker and overall flicker, both of them are investigated for the flexible display. Overall flicker is the new metric for evaluating the whole visual field of flickering on the flexible display, such as concave or convex, foldable, stretchable form etc. It makes up the deficiency of local flicker. The luminance meter with zoom lens is developed for overall flicker. Local flicker and overall flicker are measured for evaluating the flicker of the specific field and the overall field on the flexible display, respectively. For reliable results, the calibrated procedures of luminance meter are specifically described.

This Standard is applicable to the flexible display, except on the transparent display.


This Standard includes flicker measurement, analysis and calculated methods and equations.


The term ‘flicker’ is subject to evaluate displays (VESA Flat Panel Display Measurement Standard) in this Standard.


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Revision History

SEMI D79-0421 (first published)

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