SEMI E44 - Guide for Procurment and Acceptance of Minienvironments -

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Revision: SEMI E44-96 (Withdrawn 0301) - Withdrawn



NOTICE: This Document was balloted and approved for withdrawal in 2001.


It is widely felt that the requirements of buyers can be standardized. The purpose of this guide is to provide standardized procedures for the procurement and acceptance of minienvironments. It should assist the buyer in producing a procurement specification by providing a comprehensive and structured overview and checklists of all the parameters relating to procurement of minienvironments.


In addition, it is intended to support and improve communication and common agreement on minienvironment acquisitions between seller and buyer. It may be used at various levels of detail appropriate to the type of minienvironment involved.


Where appropriate, reference will be made to supporting documents such as:

  • International specifications
  • National specifications
  • Company specifications

This document defines and describes the major topics normally included in procurement and acceptance of minienvironments. Use of the document is expected to result in a rapid and concise agreement between seller and buyer. It is emphasized that the document is a guide which, per definition (SEMI International Standards Program - Editorial Guidelines) as "a series of options or instructions intended in increase the awareness of the user to available techniques in a given subject area and to provide information from which subsequent evaluations and standardization can be derived. Guides are based on a consensus of viewpoints and may or may not suggest a particular course of action."


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Revision History

SEMI E44-96 (Withdrawn 0301)

SEMI E44-96 (first published)

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