SEMI E51 - Guide for Typical Facilities Services and Termination Matrix -

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Revision: SEMI E51-0200 - Current



This guide was technically approved by the global Facilities Committee and is the direct responsibility of the North American Facilities Committee. Current edition approved by the North American Regional Standards Committee on December 15, 1999. Initially available at January 2000; to be published February 2000. Originally published in 1995; previously published February 1998.


The objectives of this guide are to ensure a timely and cost-effective tool installation with minimum impact on the existing customer facilities, systems, and services and to insure that the quality of facilities supplied (e.g., water, gases, chemicals, electricity) is not compromised once internal to the tool. This guide provides the equipment supplier with an understanding of the facilities available at the point of connection (POC) at the "typical" customer site. If these typical facility services are considered by tool manufacturers during their tool design, additional cost and lead times associated with customizing each tool installation can be minimized resulting in reduced costs to build and install semiconductor equipment.


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