SEMI E54.3 - Specification for Sensor/Actuator Network Specific Device Model for Mass Flow Device

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Standard was technically approved by the Information & Control Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on May 11, 2016. Available at and in June 2016; originally published June 1998; previously published November 2010.


NOTICE: This Document is no longer published with the SEMI E54 suite of Standards. It is published and sold separately.


This Specification is part of a suite of Standards which specify the implementation of SEMI Standards for the Sensor/Actuator Network. The specific purpose of this Specification is to describe a network-independent application model comprised of device objects which are common to all mass flow devices (MFDs) on a semiconductor equipment Sensor/Actuator communications network.


This Specification specifically addresses the minimum attributes, services, and behavior a mass flow controller (MFC) and mass flow meter (MFM) device must support to be interoperable on the Sensor/Actuator Network.


This Specification is intended to ensure a high-degree of device interoperability on the Sensor/Actuator Network, while still allowing flexibility for product differentiation and technology evolution.


The model specified in this Specification is used in conjunction with the Sensor/Actuator Network Common Device Model (CDM) to completely describe the MFC or MFM as it appears from the network interface.


This Specification, together with the Sensor/Actuator Network Standard, the Sensor/Actuator Network Common Device Model, and a Sensor/Actuator Network Communication Specification, form a complete interoperability specification for the MFC and MFM.


To comply with this Specification, a device must implement and support, at a minimum, the required attributes, services, and behavior identified in these documents. Support for optional attributes, services, and behavior are not required to be compliant to this Specification. Optional attributes, services, and behavior are specified in these documents to promote further device interoperability as features evolve and are adopted by more manufacturers. If optional attributes, services, and behavior are implemented for this device, they must be implemented as identified in this Document.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E12 — Guide for Standardized Pressure, Temperature, Density, and Flow Units Used in Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers
SEMI E18 — Guide for Temperature Specifications of the Mass Flow Controller
SEMI E39 — Object Services Standard: Concepts, Behavior, and Services
SEMI E52 — Practice for Referencing Gases and Gas Mixtures Used in Digital Mass Flow Controllers (Replaced by SEMI AUX030)
SEMI E54.1 — Specification for Sensor/Actuator Network Common Device Model

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