E05413 - SEMI E54.13 - Specification for Sensor/Actuator Network Communications for Ethernet/IP(TM)

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Standard was technically approved by the Information & Control Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on September 12, 2011. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in October 2011; originally published March 2003.


NOTICE: This Document is no longer published with the SEMI E54 suite of Standards. It is published and sold separately.


NOTICE: This Standard or Safety Guideline has an Inactive Status because the conditions to maintain Current Status have not been met. Inactive Standards or Safety Guidelines are available from SEMI and continue to be valid for use.


This Standard defines a communication specification based on the EtherNet/IP (Ethernet/Industrial Protocol) network to enable communications between intelligent devices on a sensor/actuator network (SAN) that operate according to SEMI specified device models (common and device specific) in a semiconductor manufacturing tool.


EtherNet/IP is a communication system suitable for use in industrial environments. EtherNet/IP allows intelligent devices to exchange time-critical application information. These devices include simple I/O devices such as sensors/actuators, as well as complex control devices such as robots, programmable logic controllers, and process controllers.


EtherNet/IP uses control and information protocol (CIP), the common network, transport and application layers also shared by DeviceNet (SEMI E54.4). EtherNet/IP provides:

• A cost effective solution to bridge factory Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) networks to SEMI E54.4 DeviceNet low-level device networks,

• Access to intelligence present in low-level devices, and

• Producer/Consumer model for Master/Slave and Peer-to-Peer application relationships.


EtherNet/IP makes use of standard Ethernet and TCP/IP technology to transport CIP communications packets. The result is a common, open application layer on top of open and highly popular Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols.


EtherNet/IP provides a producer/consumer model for the exchange of time-critical control data. The producer/consumer model allows the exchange of application information between a sending device (e.g., the producer) and many receiving devices (e.g., the consumers) without the need to send the data multiple times to multiple destinations. For EtherNet/IP, this is accomplished by making use of the CIP network and transport layers along with IP Multicast technology. Many EtherNet/IP devices can receive the same produced piece of application information from a single producing device.


EtherNet/IP makes use of standard IEEE 802.3 technology; there are no nonstandard additions that attempt to improve determinism. Rather, EtherNet/IP recommends the use of commercial switch technology, with 100 Mbps bandwidth and full-duplex operation, to provide for more deterministic performance.



Referenced SEMI Standards

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