E08700 - SEMI E87 - Specification for Carrier Management (CMS)

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Specification provides a standardized behavior for host view communication with production equipment during the coordination, execution, and completion of automated and manual carrier transfers to and from the equipment and, if it exists, its internal buffer space.

This Specification covers host and equipment communication for SEMI E15.1, 300 mm load ports.

This Specification defines standards that facilitate the host’s knowledge and role in automated and manual carrier transfers, as well as internal buffer equipment carrier transfers. Specifically, this Specification provides state models and scenarios that define the host interaction with the equipment for the following:

- Carrier transfer between AMHS vehicles and production equipment load ports.

- Carrier transfers to/from production equipment internal buffer space.

- Equipment and load port access mode switching.

- Carrier to load port association.

- CarrierID verification and Carrier slot map verification.

Subordinate Standards (included)

SEMI E87.1-0921 — Specification for SECS-II Protocol for Carrier Management (CMS)

Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)

SEMI E15.1 — Specification for 300 mm Tool Load Port

SEMI E30 — Specification for the Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)

SEMI E39 — Specification for SECS-II Protocol for Object Services (OSS)

SEMI E40 — Specification for Processing Management

SEMI E84 — Specification for Enhanced Carrier Handoff Parallel I/O Interface

SEMI E90 — Specification for Substrate Tracking

SEMI E94 — Specification for Control Job Management

Revision History

SEMI E87-0921 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0619E (editorial revision)

SEMI E87-0619 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0718 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-1017 (designation update)

SEMI E87-0312 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0709 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0707 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0706E2 (editorial revision)

SEMI E87-0706E (editorial revision)

SEMI E87-0706 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-1105 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0705 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0304 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0703 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0303 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0302 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-1101 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0701 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0301 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-1000 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0600 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0200 (technical revision)

SEMI E87-0999 (first published)

SEMI E87.1-0921 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0619E (editorial revision)

SEMI E87.1-1017 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0707 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-1105 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0302 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-1101 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0701 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0301 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-1000 (technical revision)

SEMI E87.1-0200 (first published)

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