SEMI E98 - Provisional Standard for the Object-Based Equipment Model (OBEM) -

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Revision: SEMI E98-0309 - Inactive



Purposes of the Object-Based Equipment Model include the following:

  • Define a standard model for interfacing to multi-process equipment and other complex equipment.

  • Define standard equipment components so that communications can "discuss" component-related issues.

  • Provide an equipment model that can be easily integrated with SEMI E81 CIM Framework systems by connecting an OBEM-compliant equipment to a Machine object.

The purpose of the Object-Based Equipment Model (OBEM) standard is to provide definitions, services, and behavior, as seen through communications with the factory, for the common types of physical and logical objects of which equipment is typically composed, including the equipment itself. The definition of standardized objects allows the equipment to describe its makeup to the factory and provides the factory visibility into the equipment.

This is a provisional standard that defines concepts, behavior, and services to support the integration of production equipment within a semiconductor factory. The scope of this standard includes all semiconductor manufacturing equipment that provides an interface to the factory host systems. Some services may not be applicable to some material handling systems.

Sections that must be completed in order for the provisional status of OBEM to be removed include the following:

  1. § 11.2 — Access Management

  2. § 14 — OBEM Compliance

Detail standards will also be added in the future to specify OBEM mappings to different protocols such as SECS-II, CORBA IDL, and DCOM.

Subordinate Standard:

SEMI E98.1-1102 (Reapproved 0309) - Provisional Specification for SECS-II Protocol for the Object-Based Equipment Model

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