E11100 - SEMI E111 - Specification for a 150 mm Reticle SMIF Pod (RSP150) Used to Transport and Store a 6 Inch Reticle

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Standard specifies the 150 mm Reticle SMIF Pod (RSP150) used to transport and store a 6 inch reticle in an integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing facility.


This Standard is intended to set an appropriate level of specification that places minimal limits on innovation while ensuring modularity and interchangeability at all mechanical interfaces. Most of the requirements given in this specification are in the form of maximum or minimum dimensions with very few required surfaces. Only the physical interfaces for the RSP150 are specified; no materials requirements or micro-contamination limits are given in this Specification.


The pellicle exclusion volume of this Specification accommodates pellicles which extend the full length of the reticle and up to a maximum pellicle width of 124 mm.


The RSP150 has the following components, subcomponents, and other features. A ‘●’ symbol indicates components or features which are required and a ‘◊’ symbol indicates components or features which are optional.

  • Top

  • robotic handling flange

  • Interior

  • supports for one 6 inch reticle
  • reticle capture
  • reticle contact surfaces
  • end-effector exclusion volumes
  • 2 safety rail exclusion volumes
  • pellicle exclusion volumes
  • lateral constraints
  • 2 reticle backstops

  • Sides

  • 2 side handling flanges on the sides parallel to the bi-lateral reference plane

  • 2 side handling exclusion volumes
  • RFID placement zone

  • Bottom

  • door compatible with SMIF as defined in SEMI E19.3
  • pod latch-pin holes
  • 2 conveyor rails on the sides parallel to the bi-lateral reference plane


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E19.3 — Specification for 150 mm (6 inch) Port for Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)
SEMI E30.1 — Specification for Inspection and Review Specific Equipment Model (ISEM)
SEMI E47.1 — Mechanical Specification for Boxes and Pods Used to Transport and Store 300 mm Wafers
SEMI P5 — Specification for Pellicles

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