E11800 - SEMI E118 - Specification for Wafer ID Reader Communication Interface -- The Wafer ID Reader Functional Standard: Concepts, Behavior and Service

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware / Equipment Automation Software
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This specification was technically approved by the global Information & Control Committee and is the direct responsibility of the Japan Information & Control Committee. Current edition approved by the Japan Regional Standards Committee on July 19, 2002. Initially available at www.semi.org October 2002; to be published November 2002.


E This standard was editorially modified in February 2005 to correct errors in Figure R2-1.


NOTICE: The designation of SEMI E118 was updated during the 1104 publishing cycle to reflect the creation of SEMI E118.1.


The purpose of the Wafer ID Reader Functional Standard is to provide a common specification for concepts, behavior, and services (functions) provided by a Wafer ID Reader to an upstream controller. A standard interface will increase interchange-ability of Wafer ID Readers so that users and equipment suppliers have a wider range of choices.


Subordinate Standard:

SEMI E118.1-1104 - Specification for SECS-I and SECS-II Protocol for Wafer ID Reader Communicaton Interface Standards


Referenced SEMI Standards

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