SEMI E120 - Specification for the Common Equipment Model (CEM) -

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Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
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Revision: SEMI E120-0922 - Current



NOTICE: The designation of SEMI E120 was updated during the 0922 publishing cycle to reflect the creation of SEMI E120.2.

The purpose of this Specification is to provide a generally applicable object model of semiconductor equipment structure and related elements. This object model is intended to be used in the following ways:


  • As a guide to equipment suppliers on how to represent the external view of their equipment to the factory host.
  • As a base model to be used and extended by other SEMI Equipment Communication Standards.
  • As a reference for the creation of technology-specific object model definitions, such as XML schema.


This Specification provides a common set of constructs that can be used by the equipment manufacturer to model their equipment structure and related elements.


This Specification defines the classes, attributes, relationships, and other detail appropriate for the model of an equipments structure as viewed by a factory host application through the available communication interfaces.


The model contained in this Specification documents features of the equipment structure considered necessary for more than one (current or future) Equipment Communication Standards.


Subordinate Standards (included)

SEMI E120.1-0414 - XML Schema for the Common Equipment Model (CEM)
SEMI E120.2-0922 - Specification for Protocol Buffers for Common Equipment Model (CEM)

Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)
SEMI E121 — Guide for Style and Usage of XML for Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications

Revision History
SEMI E120-0922 (designation update)
SEMI E120-0414 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-0310 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-1108 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-0706 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-0705E (editorial revision)
SEMI E120-1104E (editorial revision)
SEMI E120-0704 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-0304 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-0703 (technical revision)
SEMI E120-0303 (first published)

SEMI E120.1-0414 (technical revision)
SEMI E120.1-0310 (technical revision)
SEMI E120.1-1108 (technical revision)
SEMI E120.1-0706 (technical revision)
SEMI E120.1-0705 (technical revision)
SEMI E120.1-1104 (technical revision)
SEMI E120.1-0704 (first published)

SEMI E120.2-0922 (first published)

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