SEMI E134.2 - Specification for Protocol Buffers of Data Collection Management -

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Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
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Revision: SEMI E134.2-0624 - Current




NOTICE: By purchasing this download, you will receive the Primary Standard, SEMI E134 and the Subordinate Standard, SEMI E134.2. If you purchase this download, you do not need to purchase the SEMI E134 download.


1  Purpose
1.1  The purpose of this Specification is to provide an implementation mapping of the SEMI E134 to gRPC® and Protocol Buffers.

2  Scope
2.1  The scope of this Specification is the faithful representation of the messages and services to support SEMI E134 with gRPC and Protocol Buffers. It will not add new concepts to the SEMI E134 model. The only additions made are those needed to render useful Protocol Buffers messages.
2.2  This Specification requires SEMI E132 authentication, and defines requirements for the application of SEMI E132 concepts to the SEMI E134 Specification using gRPC and Protocol Buffers.


Referenced SEMI Standards (purchase separately)
SEMI E125 — Specification for Equipment Self Description (EqSD)
SEMI E132 — Specification for Equipment Client Authentication and Authorization
SEMI E132.2 — Specification for Protocol Buffers Implementation for Equipment Client Authentication and Authorization (ECA)
SEMI E134 — Specification for Data Collection Management
SEMI E179 — Specification for Protocol Buffers Common Components


Revision History
SEMI E134-0624 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0923 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-1022 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0319 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0813 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0313 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0710 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0310 (designation update)
SEMI E134-0709E (editorial revision)
SEMI E134-0709 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0308 (designation update)
SEMI E134-0307 (designation update)
SEMI E134-1105 (technical revision)
SEMI E134-0305 (designation update)
SEMI E134-1104E (editorial revision)
SEMI E134-0704 (first published)


SEMI E134.1-0414 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0813 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0313 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0710 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0310 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0709 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0308 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0307 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-1105 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.1-0305 (first published)


SEMI E134.2-0624 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.2-0923 (technical revision)
SEMI E134.2-1022 (first published)

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