E14900 - SEMI E149 - Guide for Equipment Supplier-Provided Documentation for the Acquisition and Use of Manufacturing Equipment

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

NOTICE: This Standard or Safety Guideline has an Inactive Status because the conditions to maintain Current Status have not been met. Inactive Standards or Safety Guidelines are available from SEMI and continue to be valid for use.


NOTICE: Paragraphs entitled ‘NOTE:’ are not an official part of this Standard or Safety Guideline and are not intended to modify or supersede the official Standard or Safety Guideline. These have been supplied by the global technical committee to enhance the usage of the Standard or Safety Guideline.


This Standard presents recommendations for content and usability of documentation provided by the equipment supplier to the equipment purchaser for acquisition and use of semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD), or other related manufacturing equipment. This Standard will support more effective equipment acquisition (e.g., purchase, lease) agreements between the equipment supplier and purchaser. Complete documentation can improve the purchaser’s ability to acquire, install, use, maintain, and repair the equipment, which increases productivity and reduces costs.

This Standard applies to all documentation provided by the equipment supplier to the equipment purchaser for new semiconductor, FPD, or other related manufacturing equipment and supplier-provided support equipment to cover aspects of equipment acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance, repair, and disposal.


Referenced SEMI Standards

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