E15200 - SEMI E152 - Specification for Mechanical Features of EUV Pod for 150 mm EUVL Reticles

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Standard specifies EUV Pod for the 150 mm Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) reticle, used to ship, transport and store a 6-inch reticle. The EUV Pod consists of an outer pod and a protective inner pod. The EUV Pod is to be used when a conventional reticle carrier does not meet the requirements of EUVL.


This Standard is intended to set an appropriate level of specification that places minimal limits on innovation while ensuring modularity and their interchangeability at all mechanical interfaces. Many requirements given in this Specification are in the form of maximum or minimum dimensions with very few required surfaces. No material requirements or microcontamination limits are given in this Specification.


Because of high attenuation feature of EUV light, a conventional pellicle film cannot be placed in front of EUVL reticles. The inner pod is to protect reticles from particle contamination.


The EUV Pod has the following components and subcomponents. The baseplate of inner pod has two possible configurations depending on the intended usage. They are designated Type A and Type B. Detail configuration requirements for each are shown in Table 2.

Existing specifications for the EUV substrate, blank and reticle are to be followed. Therefore, any requirement specified in this Standard shall not negatively impact performances derived from the specifications in SEMI P37, SEMI P38, and SEMI P40.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E1.9 — Mechanical Specification for Cassette Used to Transport and Store 300mm Wafers

SEMI E19.4 — Specification for 200 mm Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF)

SEMI E57 — Specification for Kinematic Couplings Used to Align and Support 300 mm Wafer Carriers

SEMI E100 — Specification for a Reticle SMIF pod (RSP) to Transport and Store 6 Inch or 230mm Reticles

SEMI P37 — Specification for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Mask Substrates

SEMI P38 — Specification for Absorbing Film Stacks and Multilayers on Extreme Ultraviolet Mask Blanks

SEMI P40 — Specification for Mounting Requirements and Alignment Reference Locations for Extreme Ultraviolet Mask

SEMI T16 — Specification for the use of Data Matrix Symbology for Automated Identification of Extreme Ultraviolet Masks

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