E17700 - SEMI E177 - Specification for Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Lamella Carriers Used in Electron Microscopy Workflows

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) are widely used in semiconductor industry for process control, defect analysis and technology development support as the dimensions and details of the features to be investigated are well below the resolution of light microscopes and often also of scanning electron microscopes (SEM).


To enable inspection of the interesting parts of wafers or devices with TEM, small and thin samples—called lamellas—are prepared from the bulk of the wafer.


These very thin and fragile lamellas have to be mechanically/physically supported for transporting them to the transmission electron microscope and for manipulating them in the microscope for further investigation.


This physical support is provided by means of lamella carriers (LCs).


Standardization of the LCs is required for enabling a fully automated workflow from lamella preparation to investigation in the TEM and for allowing the users flexibility in selecting the tools and handling devices used in the workflow.

This Specification covers the form factor and the geometrical dimensions of LCs.


It also specifies physical and chemical features related to the utilization, handling, transport, storage and identification of the LCs.


This Specification is applicable to LCs used for TEM workflows in high volume manufacturing (HVM) as well as in laboratory environments.


This Specification defines two different kind of LCs, so-called grid LCs and half-moon LCs.

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