SEMI F20 - 用于通用、高纯和超高纯半导体制造组件的316L不锈钢棒材、锻材、挤压型材、板材和管材的规范 -

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Language: Chinese (Simplified)
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Revision: SEMI F20-0706E (Reapproved 0917) - Superseded



NOTICE: This translation is a REFERENCE COPY ONLY. If differences should exist between the English version and a translation in any other language, the English version is the official and authoritative version.




该规范定符合ASTM A276的棒材、挤压型材,ASTM A240的板材,和ASTM A269ASTM A632管材等316L锈钢的要求,用于体制造设备设施中的通用的件和化学(气体或液体)分配系 

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