F07200 - SEMI F72 - Test Method for Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) Evaluation of Oxide Layer of Wetted Surfaces of Passivated 316L Stainless Steel Components

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NOTICE: This Document was reapproved with minor editorial changes.


The purpose of this Document is to define a test method to characterize the surface composition of passivated 316L stainless steel components being considered for installation into a high-purity gas distribution system. This Test Method is intended to be applied to the wetted surfaces of stainless steel tubing, fittings, valves, and other components as a measure of the effectiveness of passivation.


This Document defines a method of testing the wetted surfaces of stainless steel tubing, fittings, valves, and other components to determine the surface and near-surface composition as a measure of the effectiveness of passivation processes.


The objective of this Test Method is to describe a general set of instrument parameters and conditions that will achieve reproducible measurements within the chromium-enriched passive oxide layer.

This Document describes a test method to characterize the composition and thickness of the chromium-enriched oxide layer of stainless steel surfaces and to detect surface contamination in tubing, fittings, valves, and other components. The procedure involves detection and measurement of the surface elemental composition by Auger electron spectroscopy (AES). This procedure also describes the test method for a depth compositional profile of Cr, Fe, Ni, O, and C from the as-received surface, through the oxide layers, and extending into the base metal. This measurement provides oxide thickness and chromium enrichment information throughout the passivated region.


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Revision History

SEMI F72-0214 (Reapproved 0221)

SEMI F72-0214 (technical revision)

SEMI F72-0309 (technical revision)

SEMI F72-1102 (first published)

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