SEMI F78 - Practice for Gas Tungsten Arc (GTA) Welding of Fluid Distribution Systems in Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications -

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Revision: SEMI F78-0611 (Reapproved 0917) - Current



The purpose of this Practice is to provide procedures for welding stainless steels and other corrosion resistant metals and alloys (CRAs) for fluid (liquid or gas) distribution systems in semiconductor manufacturing applications. Welds performed following these procedures are of sufficient quality to provide the required system purity, weld integrity, and weld strength for use in semiconductor manufacturing applications.


This Practice provides procedures for gas tungsten arc (GTA) autogenous butt joint welds of stainless steel and other CRAs in fluid distribution systems. The fluid distribution system includes tubing, pipe, fittings, valves, subassemblies and components that contain and distribute fluid.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI F20 — Specification for 316L Stainless Steel Bar, Forgings, Extruded Shapes, Plate, and Tubing for Components Used in General Purpose, High Purity and Ultra-High Purity Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications
SEMI F81 — Specification for Visual Inspection and Acceptance of Gas Tungsten Arc (GTA) Welds in Fluid Distribution Systems in Semiconductor Applications

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