SEMI F97 - Specification for Facility Package Integration, Monitoring and Control -

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Revision: SEMI F97-0305 - Inactive



NOTICE: This Standard or Safety Guideline has an Inactive Status because the conditions to maintain Current Status have not been met. Inactive Standards or Safety Guidelines are available from SEMI and continue to be valid for use.


The purpose of this Specification is to provide the requirements for the architecture, functionality and interfaces for facility monitoring and control systems (FMCS) and the various facility package units (FPU) to enable a standardized and integrated communication between them. This Specification is appended with related information to provide application examples.


Background and Motivation

Today, the suppliers of FPU (e.g., chemicals, power supply, gases, HVAC) are often using individual communication concepts. This leads to high efforts to specify the communication structures between FPU and the FMCS, to evaluate the quoted solutions and to eventually integrate these units. These individual, not standardized concepts today are not reusable, bear risks in execution and lead to high maintenance costs.


This Specification is a first step to standardize the communication between facility and monitoring components. Therefore, it focuses in its scope to a small set of requirements which are common to all FPUs. As this communication concept is adopted by the various FPU suppliers and their customers, more specific standards describing particular FPUs and their services may evolve.


Who and what is addressed by this Standard.

A standardization of the communication concept between FMCS and FPUs will support FPU manufacturers, general contractors, system integrators, purchasers, and control system manufacturers. It will lead to substantially reduced costs, more reliable execution times, and optimized maintenance concepts.


This Standard specifies the requirements for the architecture, common services, data, and its semantic meaning to integrate the FPUs into the FMCS. For this purpose, a basic set of common services (operations) between the FMCS and the FPUs are specified to exchange FPU status information and data. In addition, the state models for FPUs are described.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E6 — Guide for Semiconductor Equipment Installation Documentation
SEMI E30 — Specification for the Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)
SEMI E54 — Specification for Sensor/Actuator Network 

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