SEMI F98 - Guide for Treatment of Reuse Water in Semiconductor Processing -

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This Guide provides definitions and recommendations for design of industrial water treatment systems that reuse water in a semiconductor manufacturing facility. It is intended to establish a common basis for developing design specifications and decisions concerning planning and design of water reuse systems. This Guide also includes some considerations for the water reuse systems operation.


This Guide may be used by semiconductor factory engineers and suppliers for developing site-specific basis of design and performance criteria.

This Guide applies to water treatment systems designed for water reuse within semiconductor manufacturing facilities, with the purpose of supplying water for use in a variety of applications throughout the site. Such applications include directing reuse water to the front end of the ultrapure water (UPW) front end system, cooling systems, exhaust scrubbers, point of use (POU) abatement, thermal processes, and site irrigation. Choice of the reuse scheme depends on the reuse water quality, application requirements, and environmental regulations.


This Guide can be used to understand the design elements and functionality of water treatment systems that support reuse of water. Although existing factories can be retrofitted to implement water reuse, there is a broader range of opportunities available in new facilities that incorporate water saving applications in the basis of design.


The scope of this Guide is to provide recommendations regarding water reuse segregation strategy and possible treatment options.


This Guide reviews conditions and limitations for specific water reuse applications, as well as economic and environmental considerations. It also provides reference for typical wastewater composition.


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Revision History

SEMI F98-0521 (technical revision)

SEMI F98-0618 (complete rewrite)

SEMI F98-0305 (Reapproved 1111)

SEMI F98-0305 (first published)

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