SEMI F111 - Test Method for Equipment Fan Filter Unit (EFFU) Particle Removal -

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This Test Method covers a procedure for measuring particle removal characteristic of equipment fan filter unit (EFFU) installed inside equipment.


Since EFFU is an assembly of particle filter, fan, and motor, the integrity of these parts is very important for the performance of EFFU. So a conventional particle removal test method for particle filters is not suitable to evaluate EFFU particle removal performance.


This Test Method defines an evaluation method for EFFU which is installed inside an enclosed space to remove particles that are generated inside process equipment. The particle removal performance of EFFUs is usually depending on the performance of filter media and air flow rate. To understand a performance of an EFFU, the filter media characteristic, air flow rate and the integrity of EFFU parts should be considered simultaneously. This Test Method is intended to demonstrate the system performance of EFFU.


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