SEMI FH1 - Test Method of Line Impedance for Electronic Textiles -

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Volume(s): Flexible Hybrid Electonics
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Revision: SEMI FH1-0323 - Current



The conductive traces, paths or wires are an important configuration for the circuit layout and signal processing, and that are applied to electronic textiles. A new kind of textile transmission line that might be widely used, among others, in smart clothing.

This line consists of a flexible substrate with conductive traces, paths or wires. The line impedance measurement is an important method for ensuring the fabric wire quality in incoming quality control and out-going quality control, and improved further the productivity and efficiency.

This Test Method aims to implement four-terminal measurement and elucidate the measurement of impedance for the specific fabric materials. This Standard is a test method of applying the four-terminal measurement with operating frequency to measure the impedance.

This Standard is the four-terminal measurement method to measure the line impedance of electronic textiles.

This Standard applies to a new kind of textile transmission line in electronic textiles.

This Standard is applied to a line consisting of a flexible substrate with conductive traces, paths or wires of electronic textiles.

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