Flex Electronics Webinar Master Class: December 2021 (On Demand)

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Sustainability is much more a way of thinking, as opposed to a technological solution, and to achieve it, one has to develop a comprehensive approach that covers multiple levels and sectors of business.

During this course we will provide an overview of the essential components of industrial carbon footprint and discuss some of the actions that industries can take to reduce it.

We will discuss what role new technologies - such as FHE - play in it and can ‘sustainability’ become sustainable business. Throughout the lecture, we will pay particular attention to the electronics industry, what the sector has already accomplished and what still remains to be achieved.

Join this course to focus on a broader picture of sustainability in the electronics sector.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We do not accept cancellations for on demand programming.

Michelle Fabiano 
Email:  mfabiano@semi.org 
Mobile:  310.930.7669