Flexible & Printed Electronics Bundle

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Course Description 

This bundle consists of seven courses.  In this bundle will cover the following topics: 1. Flexible Power Sources: Challenges, Progress, and Integration, 2. Hybrid Integration Techniques for Flexible Electronics, 3. Flexible Batteries, 4. Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2.0 based on Fan-Out Wafer 5. Packaging, Printing, Curing and Characterization Methods for Printable Conductors, 6. FHE for Medical & Industrial Application, 7.Next Generation of Printed Electronics. Electronics. 

Topics covered include the following: Review challenges and programs for new power supplies, basics of battery terminology, chemistry and structures relevant to flexible electronics, how new packaging paradigms like chiplets and dielets are impacting flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), basics of using printable conductors for additive manufacture of circuits on polymer substrates, best-known methods for optimizing flexible electronics into medical devices and industrial products, and latest materials and equipment advancement for next-gen printed electronics.

Course Objectives  

  • Review challenges and programs for new power supplies that are emerging to meet the needs of the FHE community.
  • Learn the basics of battery terminology and unique challenges related to using and manufacturing flexible batteries.
  • Understand challenges associated with scaling FHE, including adopting dielet technology in advanced CMOS nodes. 
  • Overview of traditional and digital printing methods, drying, curing, sintering, and design and assembly differences compared to traditional printed circuit boards.
  • Presents important considerations when designing flexible and printable parts and circuits.
  • Provides basics of PFHE processing technologies from dispensing and inkjet printing to roll-to-roll printing and coating.

 Course Duration

5.25 hours

Target Audience 

Managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians or any individual working directly with this equipment or product  

Requisite Knowledge