SEMI E84 - Specification for Strip Map Protocol

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This specification was technically approved by the global Automated Test Equipment Committee and is the direct responsibility of the North American Automated Test Equipment Committee. Current edition approved by the North American Regional Standards Committee on October 25, 2002 and November 22, 2002. Initially available at January 2003; to be published March 2003. Originally published November 2001. 

The purpose of this specification is to provide definition that will enable the implementation of strip mapping throughout the assembly and test process. This document will enable standardization of the strip map format and execution method throughout the factory floor. This document describes the format and methods in which strip map information shall be formatted and used to transfer information about a strip to and from equipment using the SECS/GEM interface standard (see SEMI E5). 

Referenced SEMI Standards
SEMI E5 — SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II) 
SEMI G81 — Specification for Map Data Items 
SEMI T9 — Specification for Marking of Metal Lead-Frame Strips with a Two-Dimensional Data Matrix Symbol
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