SEMI G95 - Mechanical Interface Specification for 450 mm Load Port for Tape Frame Cassettes in the Backend Process

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Language: English
Type: Single Standards Download (.pdf)

This Standard is to define the mechanical interface of a load port in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, where the 450 mm tape frame cassette (450 TFC) can be loaded and unloaded. By this definition, it enables interoperability of load ports and carriers and it aims to promote the automation using 450 TFC.


The interface specification of this Standard is driven by and intended to mate with a carrier compliant to the 450 mm tape frame cassette (450 TFC) and it applies to 450 TFC.


This Standard is intended to specify only the mechanical interface between 450 TFC and the load port.


Loading and unloading of 450 TFC is assumed to be done by semi-automated (PGV) or automated (AGV or OHT) handling.


Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI G88 — Specification for Tape Frame for 450 mm Wafer
SEMI G92 — Specification for Tape Frame Cassette for 450 mm Wafer

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