SEMI G103 - Specification for Viscosity of Encapsulation Materials for Wafer Level Packaging and Panel Level Packaging -

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Mold resin material characteristics are specified for legacy packages such as leaded and ball grid array packages, but there is no specification for encapsulation characteristics for wafer level packaging (WLP) and panel level packaging (PLP). Three different types of encapsulations such as liquid, granular and sheet material are used for WLP and PLP and these requires the different characteristics and performances.

The characteristics of encapsulation materials such as viscosity needs to be recognized and defined to enable the qualified encapsulation processes for large panel size.

This Specification focuses on the viscosity of encapsulation material used in the manufacturing of WLP and PLP processes.

This methodology is defined to measure the viscosity by rotational method.

This viscosity methodology can be applied to all three types of encapsulation material such as granule, sheet, and liquid type.

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SEMI G103-1122 (first published)
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