Introduction to SEMI E187- Spec for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment

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Course Description 

The course “Introduction to Semiconductor Equipment Cybersecurity Standard – SEMI E187- Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment" delves into the framework, scope, and four major aspects covered by SEMI E187. This will enable participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of semiconductor equipment cybersecurity standards. The course provides professional knowledge and practical case studies to aid participants in applying SEMI E187 cybersecurity standards effectively in the semiconductor equipment domain, thereby enhancing equipment security capabilities.

This course overviews the following:

  • SEMI E187 Framework: Introducing the composition and structure of SEMI E187 standard.
  • SEMI E187 Scope: Explaining the scenarios and scope of SEMI E187, including it’s application in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
  • Four Major Aspects of SEMI E187: Discussing the four key cybersecurity aspects addressed by SEMI E187
  • Application of SEMI E187 Standard: Presenting real-world applications of SEMI E187 standard in semiconductor equipment.

Course Objectives 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the framework of SEMI E187.
  • Describe the scope of SEMI E187.
  • Discuss the four major aspects of SEMI E187.

Course Duration

25 minutes

Target Audience 

Individuals interested in semiconductor equipment cybersecurity. Professional with a foundational background in cybersecurity and knowledge of semiconductor equipment as this will facilitate a deeper understanding of the course content.


Chinese (with English subtitles)

Requisite Knowledge 


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